Thai Massage: The old Thai way of healing with hands

Thai Massage is known “As a practical expression of loving kindness”


Thai people believe that Thai Yoga Bodywork was developed over 2000 years ago by Shivago Komarpaj. He is credited with spreading the practice of Thai Yoga Bodywork to the Thai monastic community as a way of smoothing muscles and easing the pain experienced by Theravada monks after long hours of practicing meditation. The teachings of Shivago were cherished by the monks and nuns and became known as “The old Thai way of healing with hands.”

The monks preserved the teachings and practice over the years until the 1800’s when the Wat Pho temple was established in Bangkok and Thai Bodywork was integrated into Thai medicine.

Throughout history it has been common for Thai people to receive a massage from either a family or community member after a hard day’s work in the hot sweaty fields.

What is it?

Although there are similarities with the Chinese meridian theory, Thai massage is closer to the Indian traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Thai masseurs believe the body is permeated with “lom,” or “air” which after being inhaled into the lungs, travels throughout the body along 72000 pathways called “sen lines.” Thai massage is based on manipulating and pressurising these sen lines in order to keep them open and healthy. This stimulation helps move the lom through the body. Thai Massage is manipulative and will open the “sen” lines and this comprehensive practice has evolved into a uniquely Thai art incorporating yogic stretches, deep compressions, acupressure, herbal and spa treatments, meditation, and Buddhist philosophies

Health benefits

* Relief from stress and stress-related pain
* Relief from muscle tension
* Relief from back and shoulder aches and pains
* Relief from headaches and neck aches
* Improved general circulation & Increased Oxygen Flow
* Unblocking and balancing of energy flow
* Detoxification of the internal organs & Muscles
* Improved internal alignment
* Increased flexibility and range of motion
* A general increase in energy & Improved mood

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