Busy Day – hot oil takes away the stresses and strains


For the history of Hot oil massage please refer to the section on Oil massage

What is it?

The oil used is organic and cold-pressed. It is important to mention that the skin is an organ and will metabolise anything that comes in contact with it, so only pure products are used. To prepare for a treatment, the oil is placed in a stainless steel pan and then heated to a temperature just under boiling point and before it starts smoking. The oil is then left to stand until it reaches a comfortable temperature.

Hot oil massage is used to loosen and release the internal impurities, which are then flushed out and eliminated through the urinary and digestive tract. For this reason it is important to drink plenty of water after a treatment.

After applying the hot oil, masseuses customarily use their thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows and sometimes even their knee to manipulate the soft tissues, muscles and tendons of the body to achieve the desired results, which is to reduce pain, relieve tension and soreness and relaxing the client.

Health Benefits

The benefits of a Hot oil massage are;

  • It increases suppleness of muscles and increases flexibility.
  • It enhances muscle and bone strength and can tone and tighten the muscles.
  • Tissues and skin can be toned and invigorated with the help of this kind of massage.
  • It helps in relaxation and may aid restful sleep.
  • It is thought that Hot oil massages can help improve blood circulation in the body and enhance body organ function
  • There is also a belief that Hot oil massage can help to increase immunity and making it easier to withstand infection and disease.